OBS Connection Guide

Connecting your telestrator to OBS

The easiest way to use Telestripe with your stream or production is with OBS. The process is very simple:


  1. Send your video feed from OBS to Telestripe to act as your background video.
  2. Send your telestrations back to OBS to overlay on top of your production video.

Install NDI™ & OBS

First things you will need to do is make sure you have NDI™ and OBS installed.

NDI™ allows you to send video over IP (your network).

OBS allows you to mix/overlay video feeds into one, then output anywhere.


NDI™ runtime software:

You can find all instructions and download links here:

1. Output your video from OBS

In order to send your clean production video without telestration feedback, you will need to create a dedicated NDI™ scene.

Step 1

a. Create a new scene called “Dedicated NDI™ Output” (for example). This will be used to output your clean production video (no telestrations).

b. Open the Scenes’s Filters by either right-clicking the scene or clicking the Filter icon at the bottom.

Step 2

In the Filters popup window, (1) create a New Filter by clicking the plus (+) icon, (2) then select “Dedicated NDI™ Output“. (3) Apply changes

Step 3

In your new Dedicated scene, (+) add a new source, and select your existing video source.

* Important: make sure to select your existing source under “Add Existing”, not “Create new”.

2. Input into Telestripe

In the Telestripe App, open the Settings menu (hamburger menu in the top left), then click the Video tab.

You should see your OBS Dedicated NDI Output under the INPUT section. Simply click it to select it.

If you don’t see your OBS output, you might need to click the refresh buttons in the top right.


3. Output Telestrations from Telestripe

From the Video tab in Settings, enable the “Enable NDI Output” toggle. Optionally, you can change the “Output Name”. By default, it is given a random 4 digit number. This is only used for you to identify it more easily on the network.


4. Input Telestrations into OBS

In OBS, in your Main Scend, click the plus (+) button at the bottom of the Sources section. Select NDI™ Source. A popup should open.

Under Source Name, select the dropdown, then select the NDI™ name you chose when setting up your NDI™ Output in the Telestripe app. Click OK.

Note: Make sure your NDI input is above your main video source.