Ultra portable telestrator that runs on an iPad.


Does your current Telestrator solutions meet your needs?

  • Is your old technology starting to fail you?

  • Do you have to connect wires all over the place?

  • Do you have to spend hours setting it up before the show?

  • Do you want to do remote production but cannot?

Read on to see why production are switching to Telestripe

Experience unmatched reliability

Telestripe offers unmatched stability and performance as it runs on a trusted iPad device.

Engineered with fewer connection points, it minimizes the risk of failures during crucial moments.

Regularly used in national sports broadcasts, our telestrator ensures seamless integration and effortless control.

Set up in Minutes not Hours


Telestripe is the first telestrator with a portable base unit that sits in the production truck and wirelessly connects to an ipad in the press box.

Used by some of the biggest names in the industry.


and more!